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Ingredients clinically-proven in humans - not test tubes or lab mice.

What are nootropics?

are like vitamins
for your brain.*

A nootropic is a compound that
improves cognitive functions like
memory, motivation, concentration,
or attention.

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Every formula we use is based on ingredients whose effects have been clinically-proven in humans like you.


Catch Zs
with Ease

Your best days start
with your best nights.

It All

Bring your energy level up
to match your ambition.

Take the
World Down
a Notch

Stress happens—
but that doesn’t mean it has to rule your life.

Clear Away
Brain Fog

Spend more of the day
where you belong: in the flow.

Wellness Council

Knowledge is power — but only when you have the context to interpret it correctly.

Our Wellness Council brings together experts in different aspects of Brain Health to help shape our products, formulas, and resources, and ensure that we’re always using our power for good.

Dr. Bowen Jiang, MD

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Octavio Choi, MD, PhD

Wellness Advisor

Nawal Mustafa

Wellness Advisor

Harness the power of
nootropics and
mindful practices.

We know that mental wellness isn’t a static state. It’s something that moves and grows alongside of us every day, and it’s why we focus on routine changes to help everyone live a balanced, happier life.

ENERGY: “As someone who doesn't drink coffee, these little gummies are perfectly textured and tasty to put a little lift in my day.”

Daniella C.

Verified Buyer

ENERGY: “I'm worried with coffee sometimes that I'll have too much, and my experience will be counterproductive. I love with these gummies how I can control my caffeine intake, and also have a small amount more easily.”

Matt P.

Verified Buyer

SLEEP: “I track my sleep data religiously, and not only do they help me fall asleep faster, but my sleep is noticeably longer and higher quality (less restlessness & higher percentage of deep sleep). I don’t wake up feeling groggy either. ”

Priscilla C.

Verified Buyer

SLEEP: "No. 8's Sleep gummies not only allowed me to fall asleep, but for the first time in over a year, I stayed asleep through the night. "

Shirin H.

Verified Buyer

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