Increasing Energy and Decreasing Stress

Increasing Energy and Decreasing Stress

When we need a boost of energy, we often turn to caffeinated beverages that can make us feel jittery and anxious, and provide a fleeting moment of energy before we crash. Luckily there are other options that deliver a steady flow of energy without aggravating our stress levels.

What effect does stress have on our mental health?

We have to think about stress relative to our daily lives. There will be a certain amount of stress that is ever-present. It’s these small doses of stress that can help each of us meet deadlines, improve productivity, and keep to a schedule. But prolonged, overwhelming stress can wreak havoc on our health – both mental and physical. When we endure long-term stress, we increase our chances of anxiety, depression, substance abuse problems, sleep problems, muscle tension, and other bodily aches.

What does stress look and feel like?

Stress can manifest within us in multiple ways. When we’re stressed, we can feel it in our emotions (such as being irritable or have difficulty relaxing) and in our behaviors (like changes to our appetite or avoiding certain tasks). There are also instances where it can affect our ability to think by causing brain fog, or our physical health by causing insomnia and headaches. We each handle stress differently, so symptoms can vary, but no part of our body is immune.

Tips for reducing stress levels

Start by cutting the negative self-talk. When we fall into negative thought patterns, it can have an impact on how we feel and perform each day. Instead, cultivate self-awareness and disrupt those negative self-talk patterns by practicing self-love and gratitude instead.

If you’re struggling to disrupt your negative thoughts, here are three questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Have I confused a thought with a fact? 
  2. How can I nurture myself at this moment? 
  3. What small wins did I have in my day or week? 


We can also lean into practices that help us feel more grounded in that energy. Daily exercise produces stress-relieving hormones to help improve our physical and mental health. Breathwork can help slow our heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure by encouraging full oxygen exchange. Practicing mindfulness can help us become more aware of our thought patterns and take the necessary steps to change the negative thought patterns that contribute to our stress.

Supplements like the No.8 Energy gummies can also help maintain our energy levels without impacting our stress levels. The caffeine in No. 8 gummies is derived from green tea and tempered with L-theanine to deliver a steady stream of energy without the negative side effects. This blend can also help improve our alertness and help us seamlessly and accurately switch from task to task. 

“The thing about L-Theanine is that it's somewhat neurochemically magical,” Dr. Octavio Choi, MD, Ph.D. explains. “It does something very unique. It both increases the amount of GABA, which is this calming neurotransmitter. It also increases the amount of Dopamine in the brain, which is an alerting neurotransmitter. Functionally, what L-theanine does, is help smooth out the rough edges of caffeine. But, together, you get this beautiful state of bell-like clarity and calm alertness.”


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