Making Mental Wellness a Priority

Making Mental Wellness a Priority

Our mental wellness should be as much of a priority as our physical wellness. Our body functions as a series of systems, with each affecting the rest. The same goes for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being: if one is out of balance, it can cause a shift in our equilibrium and the harmony we experience within. Centering our focus on our mental well-being the same way we think and talk about our physical health and well-being helps us achieve a new level of balance in our everyday lives.

The Domino Effect of Mental Wellness

There is a fundamental connection between physical and mental wellness. Even the World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” specifically noting that mental wellness is “an integral part of health” and that there is no health without mental wellness included.

Our mental wellness is critical to our ability to think, express our feelings and emotions, communicate and interact with individuals around us, and overall enjoy our life. Research has also shown that those who face struggles with mental wellness are more likely to have a preventable health condition like heart disease. This is due to factors that include low motivation and energy to care for oneself, difficulty concentrating, and a lack of support to make changes to any unhealthy behaviors that we are experiencing.

Maintaining Mental Wellness Through Self-Care

There are several tools that we can utilize to help maintain and support our mental wellness, including adopting self-care practices into our daily routine. One place we can start to maintain this aspect of our health is our stress levels and finding calm in our routine. The No. 8 Calm gummies help support a lower cortisol level to reduce the feeling of stress that may be bubbling beneath the surface.

We can amplify the effect of this nootropic supplement by pairing it with self-care activities, like journaling, which allows us to clear our minds, get in touch with our emotions, and focus on the present to practice mindfulness at the moment. Adopting breathing techniques and practicing breathwork can also aid in improving our mental wellness. Studies have shown that individuals who practiced slow breathing techniques had better emotional control and experienced psychological well-being overall.

Our sleep is also a key component of our overall well-being, including our mental wellness. Research has shown there are links between insomnia and depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder—and vice versa. The No. 8 Sleep gummies aid in providing individuals a deeper and more restorative sleep. When our bodies lose sleep, they cannot properly repair and restore overnight, a process that allows us to perform optimally both physically and mentally. Sleep regulates our mood and our stress levels, so a lack of sleep affects how we experience emotions.

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