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We believe in the power of nootropics and mindful practices to help everyone live a balanced, harmonious life.

Our team

Kaling Lim


“I believe good brain function is the foundation of mental wellness. I choose to support my brain with a range of supplements that promotes optimal performance and enhances my mental clarity.”

Trina Chan

Co-Founder & CEO

“I love journaling. Writing things down and sketching helps me develop my thoughts, recall conversations I’ve had, and keeps me organized. It also helps me stay off of my phone.”

Danica Jacinto

VP of Finance & Operations

"Carving out me time is crucial to my mental wellness. I may fill it with a Peloton ride, a walk in the park, or a couple of glasses of wine - the important thing is I control this time, and that’s what keeps me grounded and motivated."

Wellness council

Dr. Bowen Jiang, MD

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Bowen Jiang is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon and spine surgeon with St. Jude Heritage Medical Group. After attending college and medical school at Stanford University and getting a MD in Neuroscience, Dr. Jiang completed his neurosurgery residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital (ranked #1 in the country by US News and World Report at the time).

Dr. Octavio Choi, MD, PhD

Wellness Advisor

Dr. Octavio Choi is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Stanford University. Dr. Choi holds an MD in psychiatry and a PhD in neuroscience. Dr. Choi’s clinical interests include neuromodulatory approaches to treat psychiatric illness, such as the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to treat major depression. He is part of the interventional psychiatry group of Stanford Medicine, conducting clinical work and research to advance the power, precision, and scope of neuromodulation.

Nawal Mustafa

Wellness Advisor

Nawal Mustafa is a PhD candidate in clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience researcher. She is also a mental wellness educator and provides psychoeducation on various psychological, emotional concerns. Nawal’s clinical interests include cognitive restructuring, psychodynamic therapy, and emotion regulation.

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